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How To Make a Kale Smoothie

Fashionable cook Jessie Jane from ModernMom illustrates how to make a Kale Smoothie, one of the best methods for a healthy and delicious drink for all the family. Great as a post workout, or a pick me up.

4 New Diet Apps Gaining Buzz Right Now

Fooducate, Jonathan GlobermanWhen it comes to diet and exercise, you’re going to find that there’s nothing quite like tech and the digital age. You’ll be able to monitor your food intake, track your exercise patterns, and working within a lot of parameters to gain leverage in your fight against fat. With so many people fighting to get in better shape, it’s no wonder that app developers are helping millions with their quest. The following are just 4 of the latest and most prominent diet apps getting attention right now.

Fitocracy Macros

This free diet app will keep track of the nutrients that you’re getting or not getting in your diet. Nutrition is about balance, and this helps keep you within the right framework that you want to move forward with. Focusing on the different elements can help you build the right pieces and framework to move forward within getting the right nutritional profile and track progress as you journey to optimal health.


For those that really want to know what they are eating, this is going to give you ultimate power. The app allows you to scan barcodes and get the real dirt on what is in the nutritional makeup. Scan a candy bar, for instance, and see how far and away the caloric and fat content is from optimal elements. You’ll find that you can lose weight faster if you just know every detail of what you’re dealing with, and that’s what this app gives you, information.

Healthy Out

Eating health on the go? That’s the toughest thing most people have to deal with. If you want to ensure that you’re only eating what his absolutely good for you, then you will want to check this out. You can find what options are available for you as you eat out anywhere. Whether you need vegan options, or gluten free solutions, you will be able to indulge within a good framework and not worry about where you’re dining at.


Shopwell will make your grocery list pop. Find what to buy, what is good for you and what is going to cause your blood pressure to swell. No matter what you want to work within, you will find that this is definitely a good way to get healthy and find good food while at the grocery store. Shopwell is a great app to get you in the right areas of the grocery store as you scan barcodes and find out what is good to buy and what isn’t.

With all these apps, you can be sure you are monitoring your nutrition, and maximizing your way to health and wellness!

from Jonathan Globerman | Nutrition
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Apple HealthKit Creates Opportunity For Better Health

Jonathan Globerman, Apple HealthkitGetting fit in modern times is getting easier than ever. You’ll find that you will have a great deal of fitness options to look through in terms of digital help. One such option that is getting a bit of buzz right now is that of the collaborative work between Apple and the Mayo Clinic. The two have partnered up to create what very well may be one of the most compelling apps to be released in recent memory. The question remains, however, whether or not it will be effective in helping people get to optimal health.

The Boost of Tech Fitness

More so than ever before people are combining their technical equipment with their personal information on the go. Smartphones, tablets, and even wearable devices communicate with programs that monitor a number of things. From what you’re eating, to how many steps you’ve taken, to tracking your daily routine, there’s an app out there for everything that you can possibly want to do and keep track of in regards to your health. It’s within that framework that HealthKit seems to be working.

The Advantage of HealthKit

This application takes information from other apps that you have running for health and wellness, as well as other information to give you a more streamlined view of health and wellness. It can also track vital signs, blood pressure, and so much more. This helps doctors configure a plan of treatment that is based on real world data, and not just conjecture or an in office visit. With an integrated database of records, you’ll find that the application takes on the role of being the doctor’s and patient’s middleman. This takes the guess work out of medicine, and helps streamline the process of getting well.

The Long March

Even with the Mayo Clinic and Apple’s partnership in this application, people may not be so quick to adopt things. Having health information on a phone, talking to a database can be somewhat scary for people that aren’t keen on having personal information floating in the cloud. With the recent breaches that led to leaked photos, this becomes a security concern for some individuals.

AT the end of the day, health is moving mobile. If doctors can get more patients to provide real information and data on the fly, they could definitely keep many healthy and treat patients with relative ease. The advantage of the application is to monitor data and information, as well as keep active moving forward. Combined with existing health and wellness apps, this is definitely worth looking into. With the big names of the Mayo Clinic and Apple at the helm, this may be a revolutionary transmission.

from Jonathan Globerman | Fitness
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