3 Basic Yoga Poses Everyone Can Practice

Daily stretching is essential for your overall health. Everyone, regardless of your age, weight, or fitness level, can benefit from yoga practice.

Here are three simple poses that will help increase circulation, physical, and mental flow.

yoga pose


Legs on the wall

Find a quiet, peaceful room. There can either be carpet or hard floor, but make sure there’s nothing hanging up that you can knock over with your feet. Lie on your back and shift your legs to rest flush alongside the wall. This pose immediately relieves the tension in your feet and lower body. Also take note of the slight hamstring and glute stretch, releasing the muscles in your lower back.


How often do you find yourself stumbling and falling throughout the day? Hopefully it’s not too much, but our body often falls out of balance without regular maintenance. Did you know that your ability to balance suffers as we age?  As the body ages, once a fall occurs, it can have a downward spiral effect on your health. There is a higher and higher chance you will fall again!

If you can stand straight up on two feet, then you can try to balance. In yoga, the main balancing pose is known as Tree Pose. Stand with your feet two-fists-width apart. Then, start with your foot resting your ankle. If you can stand confidently like this, move your foot up to your calf or thigh. Do not place your foot on your knee- this will cause you to buckle out! Focus on breathing – count three seconds in, three seconds out.  If you have trouble steadying yourself, look straight ahead at the wall and focus on one area straight ahead of your eyes.

Downward Dog

As funny as it sounds, and as uncomfortable as it feels in the beginning, this whole-body poses works to strengthen the shoulders, arms and legs. Additionally, it lengthens out the spine an relieves pain in the entire back. How do you get into it? Start at hands and knee. Your hands should fall directly underneath your wrists and elbows, falling in a straight lines from your shoulders. Then, push up,  launching your hips over your knees and skyward and toes pointing forward.  Only extend the backs of the legs only as far as the hamstrings comfortably allow. To balance, spread your fingers wide and encourage balance in the padding of all of your fingers while gazing at your feet.

from Jonathan Globerman http://ift.tt/1odGdNt
via Jonathan Globerman


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