Jonathan Globerman: Biography

Leading an active lifestyle has always been a natural inclusion in Jonathan Globerman’s life. Born and raised in New York, Jonathan Globerman excelled in competitive sports of every different kind. Discovering a love for soccer, Jonathan Globerman eventually focusing solely on the sport. With his innate athleticism and talent for the sport, Globerman was awarded the opportunity to play travel soccer all around the United States. Under great coaches, Jonathan Globerman was able to shape his ability and to build a sense of love and respect for the unrivaled benefits sports and athletics could have on anyone’s life.

Soccer is a great and fun way to practice fitness for an individual of any age

A sport you love can be the driving force in an active lifestyle.

After a great career in soccer up through high school, Jonathan Globerman moved on to study political science at Emory University in Atlanta. From 1998 to 2002, Jonathan Globerman grew fond of Atlanta. Over those years, Jonathan Globerman realized, however, the extent to which sports and fitness were going to be the focus of his life. Knowing this much, Jonathan Globerman found himself on a search for an home city which would have yearlong access to weather good enough for fitness and training. Globerman moved to South Florida after college, finding a place where healthy living and sports were available all year round.

In 2004, two years after his graduation, Jonathan Globerman began a career in finance. From 2008- 2013, Jonathan Globerman ran a large mortgage office for a bank in his new home in Florida.  During his time at the office, Jonathan Globerman’s participated regularly in recreational fitness events. At that stage of his life, Jonathan Globerman was, and still is, an avid participant of CrossFit, and has competed in many CrossFit competitions as well as various racing endurance competitions and marathons.

In any sports or competitive event, Globerman’s motivation always spawns from the spirit of general fitness and health.  In 2012, Globerman got married to his wife, a practicing health coach named Montana.  Jonathan and Montana have both pushed each other to better themselves and their abilities, and to practice a good clean healthy living.  Each helps the other to go on and grow on a journey that, together, they enjoy.