How Can You Get Your Loved Ones to Live Healthy?

Family Eating Together

Salad at family dinners is a great way to start.


Are you trying to live a healthier lifestyle? There’s no better time than now. But what about your friends and family? Do they feel the same, or do they fall into old bad habits of snacking on junk food and eating lots of carbs and fats, and not exercising?

Because our daily choices are influenced by the people we spend our time with, a healthy lifestyle includes encouraging loved ones to also live better.

Think about how hard it is to motivate yourself to change your daily habits. It’s just as hard to motivate others. But there is a powerful communal spirit in being all in the same boat that can encourage you to stick to a new health plan.

The following five tips were originally featured on  the Biostation blog.

Jonathan Globerman explains that small changes, along with nurtured guidance, will help guide you and your loved ones through the challenging task of encouraging a consistent health regimen.

It can be difficult to engage in conversation about life changes.  You want to encourage change without sounding offensive and inflammatory. How can you do so? Take note of the following tips.

1. Start small
Good habits take time to form; the more drastic the changes are, the harder the habits are to maintain. This is why crash diets are so popular. You can go strong after after a week or so, but then we fall back into our nasty old patterns. Encourage loved ones to focus on two or three small goals. Once the positive effects from these milestones are realizes, it will be possible to keep adding on new habits.

2. Don’t nag
Has someone ever told you, “Are you sure you want to eat that?” when you’re about to grab a second slice of pizza? Inciting judgemental comments can have the opposite effects of the comment itself. It becomes a personal attack; now you’ve become the enemy instead of a positive-minded support team. People are driven by positive affirmation, not negative remarks.

3. Be the change you want to see
Seeing someone else succeed through dieting and exercise is one of the best ways to prove to others that these changes are worth a shot.  Be a healthy role model!

4. Cheer them on!
Small changes are terrifying for some folks. Exercise and diet adjustments can be grueling; more so than you might realize. It’s your job to stay positive and supportive and be an inspiring role model.

5. If necessary, seek professional help.
Even though we provide love and support, we can’t always provide all the answers. When dealing with problems like eating disorders and obesity, sometimes the nuances of familial relationship get in the way of true solutions. In cases like this, turning to a medical practice like the biostation™ can guide patients toward an individualized path toward wellness.

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10 biggest lessons I have learned this training cycle.


IMG 6833My training for the Boston Marathon is coming to an end.  It has gone by way too fast but at the same time I am so ready to keep on tapering and then race as hard as I can.  With each training cycle I always learn a few things and I thought I would share a few today! 1.  To eat more iron.  A few months ago I started eating way more iron.  Maybe it was the placebo effect but […]

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Superfoods That should be In what you eat


Superfoods, along with ‘omega 3’ can be an additional phrase that will More than likely you’ve find a lot in recent years, although the definition of many people?

Only because they’re generally known as superfoods, won’t mean you possibly can solely get them inside the mountains regarding Mongolia or even other sorts of hidden position around the world! These are food items which can be quite simple to acquire your hands upon, in-fact you might already have many superfoods in your diet witout a doubt!

Superfoods usually are food items that contain higher phytonutrient information. What will which means that? Well acquire blueberries for instance, they are packed filled with antioxidants, vitamin C, manganese and fibers.

Superfoods get several health benefits, their ideal for weight management, although various other rewards contain minimizing raise the risk regarding heart problems, asthma and type II diabetes together with being ideal for weight management.

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Building Mental Toughness

Toughness does not mean solely being built like a superhero and charging after the evil villain, deep, intimidating voice in tow. Toughness can be applied to mentality, as well, as it allows the individual to overcome the struggles thrown by the everyday course of progressing through life. Developing a certain resilience allows individuals to overcome whatever surprises life may throw at them. As surprises are inevitable, toughness should be as well. To help individuals build this mental suit of armor, Lifehacker recently completed an article to provide several tactics.

Triumphant Woman, Jonathan Globerman

Definition of Mental Toughness

First, mental toughness must be defined, as it is not as simple as setting superheroes as the model to one’s life. Those who are mentally tough stay strong in the face of adversity; determination is detained, despite difficulties. The first step to achieving this resilience is to manage expectations. If the individual is prepared for all possible outcomes—including those that result in failure—they will be much more prepared to take whatever is thrown their way. Essentially, while individuals can’t control what comes their way, they can control the reaction it prompts. Take the time to think through whatever happens and process before allowing a negative reaction to take hold.

Keeping Emotions in Check

This process is certainly assisted by the ability to keep one’s emotions in check. While being in tune with one’s emotions can definitely be an asset in some situations, they can also work to cloud the individual’s judgment. Those who can keep a cool head in an emergency will be immeasurably more successful at tackling the problem at hand. In addition to this, own what is happening; don’t run away in pursuit of comfort. People can only be made stronger when they are decidedly removed from their comfort zones. Pushing through this discomfort can be made easier once the individual has defined their motivations; an individual needs a reason to persevere before they can work towards actually pushing through difficulties.

Determining Motivations

To determine their motivations, individuals must ask themselves why—why does this problem need to be solved? Why does they need to get through this? It is crucial to success that the individual find a better response than obligation, and the article declares that there is always a better answer than “I have to.” Once the individual has a specific goal in mind, they can not only push through any tedium involved with the task, but overcome any barriers that may stand in their way throughout the process. For, if anything is guaranteed in life, there will be barriers. As a result, the article cautions against an emphasis on instant gratification; great things take time, and if an individual can remember to be patient and not dwell on mistakes, they will feel much more in control of the situation and, therefore, will be much more likely to ultimately succeed.

from Jonathan Globerman
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Team Kinnick Butter is Heading to Mexico!

Crossfit, still the greatest workout for me l know.

Jeremy Kinnick

Last year I had the awesome opportunity to head down to Monterey, Mexico as a special guest for the first edition of a Battle of the Boxes competition inspired by the competitions we run at CrossFit Kinnick. I had a great time meeting everyone, judging some heats and cheering for the competitors.  I went down there as a special guest to help support the CrossFit community in Mexico.  This summer I am very excited to announce that I will be returning for the 3rd edition…this time to compete!  The competition calls for teams of 3 men and 2 women so I will be bringing along some of my regionals teammates from Team Kinnick Butter: Danny O’Brien, Nick Robles, Elyse Persico, and my wife, Giermaine Kinnick. We cannot wait to visit Monterey and be a part in helping the CrossFit community grow in Mexico. My last visit was a…

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